Branding and Packaging Design

Creating the brand identity, 3D models and social media advertising.

University Project

Chivas Regal has been producing Scotch Whiskies since 1909. They want to bring new generations to their whisky fold, with a prime focus of Chivas being the hustle generation. The task was to create the luxury Flex Scotch of tomorrow for the new generation of hustlers.


This was a D&AD brief that I worked on alone. I created a new product concept (the Chivas Regal Miniatures), the new 3D bottles, the product packaging and some social media advertising.


Chivas Regal has always been a classy and elegant brand that is now taking on an even more modern approach with the new identity, aiming to be cool, fashionable--and most importantly: expensive!

Chivas Regal has been around since the 20th century, and for good reason. They are one of the most famous brands of scotch whiskeys.

Luxury brands are now more accessible to the youth and appear in places you would never expect. 42% of the new luxury consumers identify Street Culture as their dominant style, making it one of today's most influential tribes with Generation Z who use fashion labels for expression purposes such as building pillars on which they base identities.

Chivas Regal’s new proposed identity is mixing traditional luxury with modern trends. The Gen Z will be captivated by this exquisite drink and all it offers, from the taste to how they look on the bar shelf or on Instagram stories!

Gen Z are more interested in connecting with brands online than purchasing products. These younger demographics look to engage and be involved through social media, where they can get an inside scoop into what the company is doing or how it makes its product work so well for them.

Luxury is no longer a privilege of the few, but something that everyone can enjoy. Brands are starting to see this as well and there has been an increase in collaboration between them recently because they know how much value customers want from their products.

With its bold and sophisticated style, the Chivas logo is modernised to create a pattern that can be worn on your sleeve. The original bottle shape has been also changed to a simple, modern cylinder shape. The new bottle design also incorporates new elements such as banners wrapped around the bottle to bring a pop of bright colour.

With a story found within each bottle to craft perfect cocktails, Chivas presents Chivas Regal Miniatures. These are the essences of what the Chivas Regal brand is: Strong.

Because as they say: strong essences are kept in small bottles. And because Gen Z is all about customisation, the back of the Chivas Regal Miniatures box has dedicated space for customisation.