Visual Identity

Interactive Forests, a wayfinding system in Moors Valley Country Park

University Project

For this project I collaborated with two of my graphic designer colleagues, three interior architecture students, Activate and Luke Jerram, in order to create extraordinary experiences for people visiting Gaia in Moors Valley in September 2021. Our task was to create a wayfinding system that leads the visitors to Gaia from Moors Valley’s car park. We were asked to think about our users through the themes of inclusivity, accessibility and sustainability.


Our main task was to design an experience that lead people to Gaia but also enhances Luke Jerram’s project. Our work had to include a traditional wayfinding system, interactive place- markers, remote access as well as the interior architecture students’ installations. My main role in this collaboration was to design the remote access of the exhibitions, which resulted to be a website.


Activate is a charitable company based in Dorset that produces programs to create great memories and experiences. They want to remove the barriers to participation, especially for underrepresented groups. Activate presented the exceptional work of Luke Jerram; Gaia (a suspended globe that is meant to show people the World as viewed form space) in Moors Valley, in September 2021.

Our goal as a team was to show the impact on biodiversity within forests due to human interaction.

The website was meant to be the first point of contact for a good majority of our users. This includes information about Gaia, our exhibitions and the pavilions created by the IAD students.

The website also includes resources such as maps for navigation to and around the park. There is also digital versions of each interactive section online for those unable to visit, but still interested in the exhibit.

The different sections work together to complete the system, with elements of each working throughout. There are two main sections to the system, being onsite and offsite.

The onsite elements are based around Gaia, with the elements working to enhance the experience of the event. There is also offsite elements which are influenced by the onsite work, presenting and working to accommodate access.