Brand identity for a new department of Poole Museum

University Project

Poole Museum is working on opening a new maritime gallery that will tell stories about Poole Maritime’s history. Our task was to design a graphic identity for the Our Museum project that embodies its principles, values and motivations whilst leaving a memorable impression.


I worked on this project with two other designers from the course and as a creative trio we created unique, engaging branding proposals for our client. Our collaborative process resulted in some truly innovative ideas. The designs shown below, are my ideas and contribution to this project.


The Our Museum project has the local community at its heart. So, our aim was to make the museum feel relevant and contemporary whilst reflecting the needs and interests of its audiences. They want to target a broad audience but most importantly they want to make the museum a safe community space where visitors can debate and discuss the history of Poole.

The branding for this project was completed with a unique logo, 2 patterns that could be used anywhere to identify the brand and some visuals such as touchpoints.

Once complete I put together guidelines in order make sure all future work is consistent with our visual identity.

The client wanted to create a fun, youthful brand that would appeal across demographics. Understanding the importance of identifying our target audience, we researched some competitors and created a brand proposition:

“Our museum is a dynamic community hub that connects the old and the new.” Our proposition is a way to bring together different generations in one place while also being mindful about how time affects everyone's experience.